Massage your body with every pressure

Chakra is the innovative and revolutionary insole, designed, patented and produced by Team Cecchini, available in summer and winter version.
You just have to replace the original insole with Chakra in order to enjoy its benefits.
It adds comfort and wellbeing to your body with every step, thanks to the study and the application of foot reflexology.
A series of points corresponding to the main reflex nerve endings has been realized on a slight bevel on the foot sole. These points are stimulated and massaged with every pressure distributing wellbeing throughout the body, according to the Chakra science.
Chakra optimizes the posture, allowing you to stay stand or in the saddle longer and reducing annoying pain in your back and tingling in your hands and feet as well as circulation problems and swelling of the limbs.
More balance, less pain, better performance…
“And moreover with the special winter version, you will never have the annoying problem of cold feet again, thanks to the use of a particular fabric with woven strands of copper and cotton around the base of the insole which is able to keep your feet at a constant 37°. This insole can take your body heat and keep it for a long time by using this noble hear conductor without dispersing it.”

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is an alternative medicine.
It acts through the control center of all body’s processes, physical and psychic processes: through our nervous system.
Each foot has 7.200 nerve endings establishing extensive connections through the spinal cord and the brain with all parties of the body.  The nerve impulses themselves allow reaching the organ or the organs that can be unblocked and therefore re-balanced through foot massage stimulation.

The reflex points

The entire human body contains reflex points, but nerve endings are more numerous in some areas.
These areas are located in the most peripheral parts of the body: head, hands and feet.
The feet are the parts of our body containing the highest number of nerve endings.
After years of constant study and research a map of the various areas of the foot corresponding to specific internal organs has been drawn. Many experts have been able to prove that several benefits can be achieved by massaging these zones.

After discovering that various diseases can be treated with a specific type of massage, this ancient healing technique has been brought to light nowadays. Some people are even able to determine the state of health of the entire body through an accurate and intense foot massage: from here a method based on two types of research has been developed: the visual research and the points of pain research.

Starting from this type of research and from the research of groups of experts a map of the reflex zones has been established. Nowadays establishing a customized treatment and improving the state of health is also possible.